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K u d r y a v k a N o u m i


He sat there just thinking to himself what to do for Summer break until a voice broke his train of thought and a small girlish figure was presented infront of him. “Oh Kud, I’ve been forced out of my room.” he gave a nervous chuckle. “Masato took over the room he has been training even more before the break for some reason…” he was skeptic to why but didn’t really think of it himself until now.


"Well it is really quite around here cause most students have gone to back home or off with friends." he was just thinking of the common stereotype for summer vacations as its what most people did anyways. "…Home…" he gave a sigh to that thought. “Um I don’t think so Kud I’ll either be with the others, or something else…" he didn’t really know of what was to come as this summer was the last one he could experience with everyone and they had all been busy before hand even Rin was invited over to Komari’s for a sleep over.


"…Well what about yourself Kud? Are you going back to visit your grandfather with Belka and Strelka?" he asked as most people would have already gone by now to visit there families. Summer vacation had already begun and there didn’t seem to be almost any change he had wish for something fun and exciting to happen again. 

Kud shook her head, there was no way that she could go home, her grandfather was growing old and her mother was always working, there would be no one there for her. “We can spend our summer together then!” Kud said with a smile, as she finished off what she was making.

She lifted up the circlet of flowers that she had made and set it atop her friend’s head. “There!” She said with a laugh as she stood up. “Why don’ you look pretty!” She said laughing at her friend with his newly acquired crown of flowers. 

"So what do you want to do this summer Riki?" She asked him curiously, she didn’t really know what there was to do in the area that much and she just figured she would walk around until she got lost.

"Riki, do you know if there’s a summer festival? With fireworks?!" Kud asked her friend excited to hear his response. Her eyes lit up at the thought of a festival with lots of people and fireworks to end it off. She had never attended one and had only heard about them. If she could attend one herself, her summer would be complete!

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Riki was wandering the courtyard, the reason for this being Masato was doing extra muscle training to make up for the loss of time they had recently been going through. It was the evening and Riki had nothing to do so he decided to wander the grounds like he usually does.

"…Where is everyone at this time…" he said giving a depressed sigh out as he spoke aloud, he was in the courtyard where he usually found Rin playing around with her cats but no one was around that he could see.


As Kud walked back from the library to her dormroom she spotted Riki sitting down by himself, so she decided to go say hi. “Riki what are you doing here by yourself?” Kud asked her friend as she couched down infront of him. 

"It seems to be really quiet around here doesn’t it?" Kud mentioned as she looked down at some of the flowers growing around them. The start of the summer had a lot of the students going home for their vacation, but some people didn’t have that option. "Are you going home for the summer Riki?" Kud asked her friend as she picked two of the flowers and began intertwining their stems adding more flowers as she went.